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Franklin, MI 48025

Soap 4 Hope is a family owned business originating from the minds of our teenage daughters.

Our Story

Soap4Hope was created by 2 sisters, Nadia and Aliya Hakim, in 2013. Soap4Hope is all about giving back to the people who need it. While volunteering for organizations and seeing the dangerous, difficult, and unfortunate situations many women are in, Nadia and Aliya wanted to help make a difference. The idea for the business came up when making soaps and candles for a charity fundraiser. The premise of Soap4Hope is that for every one bar of soap sold, one will be donated to organizations that help women. The goal of the organization is to provide hope to women who may be facing hardship in their lives. Not only are the women receiving a bar of soap, but they are receiving a sense of comfort and support during trying times of their lives.



All of our products are natural.  The soaps are made out of four natural oils. Palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil are added to a sodium hydroxide (lye) and water mixture to create cold process soap. All of our candles are soy-based. We do not use any animal products. 

Currently, Soap4Hope products are sold at Miller’s Big Red Apple Farm in Romeo, Michigan and at Soothe Your Soul Spa in Oxford, Michigan. 

Soap4Hope is currently supporting Zaman International, Haven, and Mai Family Services by donating soaps to them. All three organizations and domestic violence shelters aim to help women and children through crisis assistance.